Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now

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At the height of the Vietnam war, Captain Benjamin Willard is sent on a dangerous mission that, officially, "does not exist, nor will it ever exist." His goal is to locate - and eliminate - a mysterious Green Beret Colonel named Walter Kurtz, who has been leading his personal army on illegal guerrilla missions into enemy territory.
Released: 1979
Category: movie
Running time: 147 min
Language: English
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tania andrew


This is, I think, the definitive Vietnam war movie. Martin Sheen is "Capt. Willard", a war weary veteran who is sent on a top secret mission to track down and stop the rogue Colonel 'Kurtz" (Marlon Br...
tania andrew

John Chard

It wasn't just insanity and murder, there was enough of that to go around for everyone. Apocalypse Now is directed by Francis Ford Coppola who also co-adapts the screenplay with John Milius from He...
tania andrew


***One of the greatest films ever made*** The original "Apocalypse Now" is an awe-inspiring masterpiece and is my all-time favorite film. Memorable scenes abound, starting with the mind-blowing ope...
tania andrew

Rocketeer ...

I think a lot of people who think this film is a classic are deranged, the only memorable scene in the film is when they drop exploding napalm and the guy in the hat says "I love the smell of napalm i...
tania andrew

Ian Beale

**Ponderous, meandering epic with a few bright spots.** This film is about a soldiers quest to find a renegade and insane Colonel (a bald Brando in an extended cameo) who has hidden himself away i...