The Night of the Hunter

The Night of the Hunter

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In Depression-era West Virginia, a serial-killing preacher hunts two young children who know the whereabouts of a stash of money.
Released: 1955
Category: movie
Running time: 93 min
Language: English
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tania andrew


Continuing with my quest to establish where or not Charles Laughton ever made a bad movie, I recently came, again, to this - one of my all time favourite films. I remember cowering behind the sofa as ...
tania andrew

John Chard

Laughton crafts a nightmarish fairytale that stands up now as a true masterpiece. A religious maniac marries an idiotic widow and mother of two children in the hope of finding out where the $10,000...
tania andrew

daniel whi...

The only film directed by the great English actor Charles Laughton, "The Night of the Hunter" is a brilliant allegory about the battle between good and evil. The film failed upon its release but is n...