Meg 2: The Trench

Meg 2: The Trench

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An exploratory dive into the deepest depths of the ocean of a daring research team spirals into chaos when a malevolent mining operation threatens their mission and forces them into a high-stakes battle for survival.
Released: 2023
Category: movie
Running time: 116 min
Language: English
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tania andrew


Pretty tough sitting through this one, especially the first half where a good portion was so dark, maybe to hide the bad visual effects, I couldn't even tell what was going on. There were a few moment...
tania andrew


Good Movie...
tania andrew


Meg 2 doesn't really feel like a follow up film, to its 2018 counterpart. Indeed, the latest instalment feels more like a platform for various action "stunts". The giant,prehistoric shark's are es...
tania andrew


Now the "Meg" (2018) itself could never be called a good film, but it is a great deal better than this muddled and derivative effort. "Jonas" (Jason Statham) is now working as a sort of eco-policeman ...