Sound of Freedom

Sound of Freedom

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The story of Tim Ballard, a former US government agent, who quits his job in order to devote his life to rescuing children from global sex traffickers.
Released: 2023
Category: movie
Running time: 131 min
Language: English
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tania andrew

Chandler D...

Seems like the guy combined a bunch of characters into a glorified version of himself. Unfortunately his puff-piece is boring. I know I am supposed to be disgusted by the pedos but everyone is disgust...
tania andrew


Though at times I felt luck played a bit too much of an hand in this drama, it's still quite a potent telling of the story of dedicated real-life agent Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel) who spent much of his...
tania andrew


**_Sorta “Taken 4,” but starring Jim Caviezel and focusing on children enslaved by sex traffickers_** A Homeland Security agent (Caviezel) in SoCal tracks down people involved in child pornography,...
tania andrew


As someone who was a victim of child sexual abuse myself and as someone who admittedly likes Trump (who praised this movie to no end) and also as a tiny bit of conspiracy nut and seeing all the mainst...