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In the year 180, the death of emperor Marcus Aurelius throws the Roman Empire into chaos. Maximus is one of the Roman army's most capable and trusted generals and a key advisor to the emperor. As Marcus' devious son Commodus ascends to the throne, Maximus is set to be executed. He escapes, but is captured by slave traders. Renamed Spaniard and forced to become a gladiator, Maximus must battle to the death with other men for the amusement of paying audiences.
Released: 2000
Category: movie
Running time: 155 min
Language: English
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tania andrew


"Gladiator," directed by Ridley Scott and released in 2000, is undeniably one of the best movies ever made. A cinematic masterpiece that effortlessly blends action, drama, and history, this film leave...
tania andrew


This has got just about everything from "Spartacus" (1960) to "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" (1964) via a bit of "Quo Vadis" (1951) to it - and Ridley Scott has managed to create a magnificent...
tania andrew


Ridley Scott's Gladiator is a real masterpiece of its genre. With its unique battle scenes, cinematography, acting and directing. It's a real must-watch. Shame on you if you haven't watched this movie...
tania andrew

John Chard

They said you were a giant. They said you can crush a man's skull with one hand. Ridley Scott's Gladiator is not a perfect film, I would think that the hardiest of fans, of which I'm firmly one, kn...
tania andrew


Gladiator has been my most favorite film of all time. It is an epic masterpiece in many ways and it really explains why despite the numerous viewings, Gladiator still amuses me with its powerful image...